VIP Support: The Support you Deserve

Cloud Xpress’ comprehensive offer provides you with a tailor-made and secure environment for all your business applications and IT platforms. Our team is also committed to support all your management operations on these environments. From the beginning to the end, we help you assess your needs, design your architecture, and implement our services. Once you are fully set up, you can focus on developing your business and let us If have any trouble!

Who We Are

  • We are a new company willing to simplify cloud adoption for SMBs
  • Our goal is to be just like your own IT team
  • Cloud-Xpress' VIP Support is based in 10100 Old Columbia Rd, Columbia, MD 21045

What We Offer

  • Not only do we manage your cloud environment, we come on-site to install and configure everything you need
  • We are committed to make cloud available to anybody, regardless of their IT knowledge
  • The VIP Support will answer all your questions 24*7*365, for free

Services & Tools

Monitor your service through our iOne interface

Simple and clear SLA. If we fail to meet them, we pay

Save money as our VIP support always comes for free

Benefit from our experts' advice & proactive monitoring

We provide you with tailor-made infrastructure & services

Focus on developing your business whilst relying on our IT team