GreenConnect Network


BoXpress Managed ISR

The BoXpress is at the heart of our comprehensive business offer. All your infrastructure set up is meant to be connected by the BoXpress to our datacenter through our network. Instead of having multiple providers (Internet, phone, cloud), you get everything in one package and we are in charge of your infrastructure from the beginning to the end. The Wi-Fi configuration and the installation of cisco Wi-Fi panels in your offices are included to keep your employees and customers connected. Learn more about the BoXpress offer...


Private Network (MPLS, VPN)

Connect your business offices and mobile employees together with our data center using cloud Xpress’ private network solutions. As the traffic is encrypted in our VPNs, your employees can access business data remotely in a secure fashion. For an even better control over your network, choose from our MPLS solutions that let you prioritize different traffic types and provide unrivalled performance, reliability and data latency. Our experts are here to help you assess your needs and design your network. Learn more about our Private network offer...


IP Internet transit

Connecting to the best possible network is a real asset to your business, but managing it is a risky and difficult task. Cloud Xpress’ IP transit offer provides you with a resilient and high performing network backed by our expert support team on a 24*7 basis. Our teams also help you design and configure your network routes to safely haul your data over the internet. The capacity of your network can then be adjusted within a week’s notice so it grows or shrinks according to your business requirements. Besides, you can monitor and access reports on your bandwidth usage via your cloud Xpress dashboard. Learn more about our IP Internet transit offer...


Phone/Voice over IP

Get rid of your complex in-house infrastructure. Don’t bother with cumbersome cabling and wiring issues either, and foster your communication capabilities by using the high speed internet network instead. Avoid costly on-site maintenance and provide your business with a tailor-made means to communicate between multiple offices, even with employees working from home! Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are found to cut your communication expenses by 50% on average (Forrester) while being more flexible (you can scale up or down). Our VoIP offer is, as all our products, 24*7 monitored and maintained.Learn more about our Phone/VoIP offer...