Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the cloud

Save money by leveraging the power of shared infrastructure to deliver comprehensive virtual desktop environments to your employees. Avoid costly refresh cycles and simply rent thin clients that require little to no maintenance. All the server maintenance, monitoring, updating and patching are handled by our IT team so you can forget about the hassle of managing your devices yourself. Still, you can access your monitoring platform to add or delete desktop environments.

Empower your IT team and your employees


Regain Full control

Add, delete and grant access to work environments through your console while we make they are always available and secure


Improve your user experience

Enable your employees to access their graphic accelerated desktop environments anytime, on any device

Competitive pricing

Save on maintenance fees and eliminate upfront costs while benefiting from quality IT services

Most Popular Features

VIP Support

Rely on our 24*7*365 VIP Support to help designing and handling your Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Installation and set up

Cloud-Xpress' come on-site to heelp you install and configure your virtual desktops

Easy monitoring with iOne

Scale your desktop pool up or down thanks to our user friendly automated delivery system. Manage access rules and security features


Securely access your working environment from any connected device (tablet, smartphone, desktop or laptop) from anywhere

Refreshing cycle & maintenance

Cloud-Xpress replace all of your defective devices at no additional cost and you have almost no maintenance to perform

Dual screen

Provide your teams with Dell Wyse 20" dual screen to foster their productivity