Simple and clear agreement (SLA)

The 3 pillars


100% Network/Power uptime

We guarantee that your cloudXpress services will be available without any interruption. we also guarantee that our data centers will be online and accessible at any time


100% hardware coverage

We guarantee that any failed hardware component you are provided with as part of our offer will be replaced at no additional cost.


Monitored applications

We guarantee that you will receive a first response from our support team within 1 hour and that your applications' data are backed up on a daily basis

We deliver or we pay

We know that entrusting your data and working environment to us is a scary move to make, and that’s why we designed simple and clear agreements to ensure we deliver on our commitments and maximize customer satisfaction. Our objectives and metrics are carefully monitored and transparent to the client. Should we fail to meet the requirements listed above, you would be entitled for a refund on your monthly fees, not exceeding 100% of the aforementioned fees. Should our services be down, you will be credited a day worth of billing for every 10 minutes of downtime, up to a complete refund for the given month if the outage lasts more than one hour.

SLA features

  • Complete transparency: you have access to the same monitoring dashboard as we have
  • 1-hour first response time after you submitted a ticket, sent an email or called
  • Resolution commitment depending on the severity of the case
  • 100% uptime unless explicitly scheduled maintenance


Eventually, if you think you are eligible for a refund that we did not take into account in your monthly billing, please send an email at providing sufficient details for us to make amend and credit what you are due.