Security & Confidentiality

Your data secured in the cloud


Data privacy

We address compliance and data protection issues and will never disclose your data. We have no knowledge of your data either.



Choose the data center your data will be stored in. It will not be replicated to another location without your consent


Your data is secured through multiple layers of protection in a state-of-the-art data center. Plus they are always encrypted.

Your security is our priority

Your data is more than ever critical to your business, and it is always put at risk. It could be lost, compromised, erased by mistake or stolen. What’s more, you have to constantly be careful to remain compliant to certain standards and practices to abide by the law. Data theft or non-compliance legal hassles are not trouble you can afford. At CloudXpress, keeping your data safe is our main priority, so we host our services in Ashburn, VA (Equinix Datacenter), one of the most secure and advanced facilities in the world. Because of the area’s strategic importance, Equinix’s DC data center is one of the largest internet exchange points in the world as well.

Security & Confidentiality features

  • Strong encryption
  • High-end data center facility in Ashburn (Equinix)
  • We do not disclose your customer information or data unless required by the law or any applicable ruling
  • should you decide to leave Cloud Xpress, we guarantee that your data will be completely erased from our services
  • We follow the ISO 27001 standard testifying that we implemented specific security and management practices