Safeguard your data with our Remote Backup Service (BaaS)

Cloud Xpress' back up services are included in all of our packages at no additional cost. You are entitled to back up to a remote location everything you wish to protect with no data limit. You may want to fully back up your servers, virtual desktop sessions or email boxes at a predefined rate: we can do that for you! Once you are set up, just forget about the ordeal of retrieving lost data, as they are always there in the cloud

Blend the power of the cloud with the security of on-premise infrastructure


Easy to use

Don't waste hours trying to retrieve your lost files. Easily manage and restore any file to its previous states in seconds


Business continuity

Schedule the frequency of your backups and how long they are stored, from days to weeks

Strong security

You data is always heavily encrypted when transferred between our data centers and your office

Most Popular Features

VIP Support

Rely on our 24*7*365 VIP Support to help handling your back ups and restorations.

Unlimited storage

There is no limit in the number of Cloud -Xpres's Virtual Machines you can back up on our services.

Regulatory Compliance

Host your sensitive workloads in one of the most secure data center in the world and have your data encrypted all the way. Choose the location of your back up.

Automatic and continuous

No worries. Once you are all set, your data is automatically and continuously backed up

Custom Service

Schedule the frequency of your backups and how long they are stored, from days to weeks. Also create custom backup groups!

Anytime Access

Access your backup wizard anywhere so you can restore a file or a group of files whenever you need to