Voice over IP (VoIP)

Installing and setting up your phone infrastructure is the most painful task in the world. Let our IT team take that pain away and never think about that again, ever. With Cloud Xpress’ VoIP offer, you have the ability to provide your employees with business-class digital phones backed with all the features you could wish for. As a global network provider, we can handle both your phone and internet lines so you can have fewer third parties to talk to. Last but not least, switching from a traditional phone provider to Cloud Xpress will make you cut your costs by 50%, we guarantee it.

Get rid of your complex in-house infrastructure


Flexible phone service

Even a non-technical guy can add and set up a new phone. You can easily scale up or down as your business grows


Save big money

VoIP phones are found to cut your costs by at least 50% (+ save on maintenance and use existing internet lines)

Never miss a call

Multiple convenient features such as caller ID, call forwarding on your mobile phone or desktop, conference call and many more

Most Popular Features

VIP Support

Your VoIP infrastructure is 24*7*365 managed by our support team. You can call us any time you experience trouble

Installation and set up

Cloud-Xpress' come on-site to help you install and configure your VoIP devices

Flat per user billing

What you sign for at the beginning of the month is what you pay for. Either you choose a VoIP solution bundled in a package or the VoIP only, the billing is always flat per user

Rich services and portability

Receive a call on your business phone, mobile phone or computer using the same number. Benefit from simple 3-digits business extensions, caller ID, call forwarding. 


Cloud-Xpress' VoIP offer is a simple solution to carry on conferences between multiple offices and people at the same time

Cost savings

As voice traffic travels over the internet and private networks, you will save on long-distance call, equipment lines, manpower and maintenance

Simple Monthly Billing

Price per user based on the package you have chosen

All types of configurations are available to meet your specific requirements. However, you can find below examples of convenient bundles that you may consider when assessing your needs

Type of offer PRICE
Stand-alone VoIP Solution  
SMB Pack