POP/IMAP e-mail server in the cloud

Avoid headaches with our fully managed POP/IMAP email servers


No maintenance

Servers are complex and time consuming.Have your IT team focus on developing your business while we handle the dirty work


Uptime & disaster recovery

Your emails are always there, in the cloud. One cannot simply lose them


Anywhere, anytime

Make emails available everywhere on any device to your employees.

More details about e-mail servers

Many SMBs wish they could control everything themselves but maintaining your own email server is like stacking your money under your mattress instead of relying on a bank. A bank is better than you at handling your money, and so are we at managing email servers. Take advantage of our managed solution to cut down on costs and reallocate your IT resources on developing your business. Enjoy email box with greater capacity and security and don’t bother with anti-virus, email filtering and anti-spam software updates ever again. We do all that for you and help you with the migration as well!

POP/IMAP email server features

  • VIP support 24*7*365 on your e-mail server
  • Daily Back up so that you can retrieve a message you deleted, up to 10 days later.
  • You need an internet connection to access your emails when using IMAP
  • You need an internet connection to download your email when using POP and access them offline later
  • 2GB email capacity per user