Servers (VM) in the cloud

Sending your servers to the cloud go beyond simple consolidation and better resource allocation. When choosing Cloud-Xpress, you make sure that you get a simple solution based on VMware’s most popular virtualization solution and a comprehensive support plan coming along for free, so you will never have to worry about maintaining your infrastructure. Forget about over-provisioning or downtime too, as our Virtual Machines make high availability and failover possible!

Aim for the clouds with our fast and simple hosted servers


Blazing fast

Spin up a server in a matter of minutes and enjoy the power of enterprise-class servers at a fraction of the cost.



Don’t worry about provisioning issues as you can scale up and down at any time


Worry free

Your environment is 24*7*365 supported and maintained by our team.

Most Popular Server Features

VIP Support

Choose your level of control over your server. You can have it entirely managed by our team and contact us if you experience any trouble


Easily add or delete a server. Pay only for what you need


Host your workloads in one of the most secure data center in the world and have your data encrypted all the way


Choose from a wide array of specifications to meet your needs by adjusting the amount of CPU, RAM and Storage of the server

Simple billing

Receive a simple bill at the end of the month with a quick recap of your expenses on our services.

Back up & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business from data loss and disasters. Cloud-Xpress' servers are backed up and the data is replicated to remote locations

Simple Monthly Billing

Most popular settings

All types of configurations are available to meet your specific requirements. However, you can find below examples of convenient bundles that you may consider when assessing your needs

.CXsmall 1 Core 1GB 30GB $10/mo
.CXstandard 2 Cores 2GB 40GB $20/mo
.CXmedium 2 Cores 4GB 60GB $40/mo
.CXlarge 4 Cores 8GB 80GB $80/mo