FirstCloud, the solution to start off on the right track

FirstCloud offers a simple, comprehensive and fully managed solution to small or new companies willing to leverage the power of the cloud but lacking the IT knowledge to handle it properly. Focus on developing your business while Cloud-Xpress’ team has got your back. Should you experience any trouble, contact our VIP Support, here to help you 24*7*365!


3 benefits to shift to the cloud with FirstCloud

Turnkey solution

Everything you need with one partner! Cloud-Xpress handles all your IT, from your network operations to your internet connectivity, business phone and virtual desktops. Merge all your IT expenses in a single bill per month!

VIP Support

Cloud-Xpress’s VIP support is the reason why our offer is different from competitors’. It is not an extra feature, our VIP Support 24*7*365 manage, monitor, update and replace everything you are provided with for free

Improved mobility

Small businesses’ employees often need to work on the go. With our cloud solution, you can manage your services through your dashboard and make working environments (emails, desktops...) available everywhere

A comprehensive solution for small businesses

Internet & Networking

Connect your office to the cloud with the BoXpress and provide your employees & customers with Wifi. Our experts handle the network installation and manage it for you!

Virtual Desktops

Get rid of your hardware and make your desktop environments available anywhere! Do not worry about maintaining, updating or refreshing your desktop pool anymore!


Avoid headaches with our managed email servers and never lose an email again. your server is backed up daily and offers unlimited storage capacity

High-end cloud servers

Spin up a server in a matter of seconds and benefit from high-performing and fully managed environments at a fraction of the cost

Backup of your data

Keep a record of your data safe in our data centers. Easily manage the frequency of your backups and restore any file to its previous state in seconds.


Cut your phone expenses by 50% compared to traditional phone service providers by switching to Cloud-Xpress's VoIP phone solution.