Equinix DC2 - Ashburn Data Center

Equinix operates state of the art IBX centers in Washington, DC metro area in a campus environment and offers a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services to a wide range of networks and enterprises. Because of the area’s strategic importance as the Eastern hub of traffic exchange to the US, Equinix’s metro IBX centers are one of the largest internet exchange points in the world.

Equinix - Ashburn Data Center DC2 Ashburn, 21715 Filigree Ct, VA 20147

Advanced Security Features


  • Electrical capacity of 2.4kWA per cabinet
  • N+1 power infrastructure
  • 99.999% SLA on power
  • 7 power transformers
  • AC and DC power in UPS in N+1 configuration
  • Standby power: 7*2,500 kW Diesel Generators in N+1 configuration
  • HVAC in N+1 configuration


  • Caged Space and private suite
  • CCTV & Recorders and Motion Detection
  • 24*7 Security Guards
  • Perimeter fence and gated entry
  • Biometric hand geometry readers
  • Mantrap entry
  • Closed cabinets with Kinetic & key locks


  • Single story building
  • Tilt-up concrete slab on grade structure
  • Seismic zone 1 construction
  • 7 power transformers
  • Fully complied with building Code Compliance Standards
  • 147,600 Square Feet of total space
  • 118,447 Square Feet of colocation space


  • Cooling capacity of 1.75 kW per cabinet
  • Water cooled centrifugal chillers and air handlers in N+1 configuration
  • 99.99% SLA on temperature and humidity


  • SSAE16 SOC 1 Type II certified
  • Silver LEED design certification
  • Uptime Institute M&O award

Fire Protection

  • Pre Action dry pipe fire suppression system