Protect your business with our Disaster Recovery plan

Far be it from us to cause you nightmares, but when it comes to protecting your data and applications, you should always prepare for the worst. Designing a consistent Disaster Recovery plan (DRP) can seem overwhelming for a small business. Fortunately enough, our team handles everything thanks to our automated emergency procedures. Your data is always replicated to a remote site so that a natural disaster or a human mistake could never threaten your data integrity.

Nothing is lost, everything is automatically replicated


Monitored infrastructure

Benefit from our proactive detection system and alerts to keep an eye on your infrastructure status


Minimal recovery time

Get back in tracks in a few minutes, not in hours or days

Automated processes

In case of an unplanned disaster, your Disaster Recovery Plan is immediately activated without any required action from your side

Most Popular Features

VIP Support

Rely on our 24*7*365 VIP Support to help designing and handling your Disaster Recovery Plan

Recovery points

Adjust recovery points and capacity allocation

Automated replication

Once you are set up, your data are replicated automatically. Our team and processes will address the recovery of your data in case of a disaster

Recovery plan testing

Emulate a disaster and test the recovery of your data. Cloud-Xpress will send you a report

Remote health monitoring

Keep an eye on your infrastructure's health with our advanced customer portal


As soon as you become a a Cloud-Xpress customer, a DRP is designed to protect your data for free.