BoXpress Managed ISR

The BoXpress to rule your infrastructure


Converged infrastructure

The BoXpress is the core of your infrastructure, connecting your local networks and VPNs to our data center's services


Guaranteed bandwidth

Benefit from high-speed internet connectivity with security features, a guest and a enterprise Wi-Fi network.


Easy on-boarding planning

A technician installs your BoXpress on-site for you at the same we deploy all your networking devices, terminals and digital phones. We will also test your devices and internet infrastructure

More details about our BoXpress


BoXpress features

  • VIP support 24*7*365 no matter the amount you spend on our services
  • High security levels to help you meet your compliance requirements
  • Choice from a variety of standard configurations and application stacks
  • Best-in-class Network and datacenter in the world
  • Simple monthly billing system, no upfront expenses