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Access Your Files in the Cloud

CloudXpress introduces DriveXpress, a complete file server entirely available on the cloud. Allow all your employees access to essential information easily and conveniently while simultaneously being able to edit the server settings anytime and anywhere through our mobile app. DriveXpress is easily scalable, so never pay for more storage than you need experiencing the comfort of knowing your server can grow at any time, just like your company. Simple, flexible, and accessible – DriveXpress is the ultimate cloud based file server for small businesses.

DriveXpress Provides A Windows File Server in the Cloud with Active Directory

  • Scalable Storage – we grow when you grow!
  • 24/7 Access – We Reimburse You If Otherwise (Don’t Worry, It Doesn’t)
  • Mobile Application For Ease of Access Anywhere
  • Control a Complete File Directory, Set Permissions and Access



Managing your desktops or laptops pool is an endless task. Keeping track with all the devices used throughout the company may seem tedious to you but what is even more exhausting is keeping them updated with the latest OS patches, applications and anti-virus software. With our desktop-as-a-service product, never worry about updating anything on your computer again and gain the freedom of being able to access your desktop from anywhere, essentially turning any home desktop or laptop into a fully functioning work computer. In addition, we have multiple different leased hardware options for your office all with different price points, providing you with flexibility to make a decision based upon your specific business needs. Our desktop-as-a-service solution provides all of these features while turning a capital expenditure into an operational expenditure and removing the need to purchase hardware that will inevitably become obsolete.

Get Mobile By Using Our Cloud “Desktop” On A Laptop

  • No More Waiting For PC Updates, We’ll Handle It
  • Have Access To Your Computer Anywhere In The World
  • Pay Only For Computing Power You Need, Customize Your Virtual Hardware


Access Your Apps in the Cloud

Need a specific multi-tenant business application available either on your desktop or through a web browser, regardless of if you’re using Windows, Max, or Linux? Harness the power of CloudXpress through our Apps service, allowing your employees the ultimate flexibility of access for the software your business regardless of when, where or how they need access it. Our managed apps product let you provide mobility, agility, and security to the software tools that help your business keep moving. Need a single-tenant application or legacy application hosted? Ask about our custom infrastructure as a service models.

We Can Host All The Apps That Power Your Business

  • Access The Software Through the Web or Through Our Desktop Offerings
  • Always Available Hosted on a Dedicated Server
  • Back Ups and Software Updates Handled by our VIP Support Team


Access Your Email in the Cloud.

Foster your teams’s productivity with business class email service and collaboration tools such as shared calendars, contacts and tasks. Never lose an important email again thanks to the Data loss prevention system. Every mailbox is protected with anti-malware and anti-spam built-in software. We handle your migration and the monitoring of your server so you can focus on developing your business and save money. Access this e-mail either through our desktop service, on your own computer, or through a web browser. Upgrade to full remote Office 365 access for just ten dollars more per month per user. Simple, affordable, accessible – all the basic tools your business need to get work done anywhere and anytime.

Harness The Power Of Microsoft Exchange

  • Email Backup Service
  • 50GB Mailbox Storage Per User
  • Unlimited Custom Mailboxes @yourdomain.com


Managed Network Service

The Fiducial box is the core of your infrastructure, connecting your local networks and VPNs to our data center’s services. Benefit from high-speed internet connectivity with security features, a guest and an enterprise Wi-Fi network. Say goodbye to your old wired-riddled telecommunications closet and welcome in a highly organized and effective solution that allows for easy monitoring of activity and maintenance performed completely remotely by our support team. Once our networking infrastructure is installed, we can become your dedicated IT team, and your network is secured in our state of the art data center.

Boost Your Network Speeds With Our Fiducial Box

  • VIP Support 24*7*365 No Matter The Amount You Spend on our Services
  • High Security Levels to Help You Meet Your Compliance Requirements
  • Best-In-Class Network and Datacenter in the World



VOIP Simplified

Get rid of your complex in-house infrastructure. Don’t bother with cumbersome cabling and wiring issues either, and foster your communication capabilities by using the high speed internet network instead. Avoid costly on-site maintenance and provide your business with a tailor-made means to communicate between multiple offices, even with employees working from home! Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions are found to cut your communication expenses by 50% on average while being more flexible (you can scale up or down). Our VoIP offer is, as all our products, 24*7 monitored and maintained.

Have Full Use Of Your Work Phone Anywhere In The World

  • Cost Savings – No Need for A Phone Provider, Use Your ISP
  • Flexible Phone Service – Nationwide or Worldwide
  • Unlimited Calling and Dozens of Features Included in Price

VIP Support

Included with every service.

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