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Products at glance

Your IT resources simplified and managed

Cloud Catalog

  • Full and flexible solutions for all your IT needs.
  • Overall cost savings, flexibility to "pay as you grow".
  • Quality hosting in the most secure US datacenters.


Cloud Services

  • Our "VIP SUPPORT" to manage your IT needs 24x7x365.
  • Standardized methods, highly skilled team, advanced tools.
  • Measured Quality of Services + Clear warranty commitment.

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Cloud Security

  • Certified high-availability, multi-site backups of your data.
  • 100% confidential fixed by ISO 27001 quality standard.
  • Freedom to shrink, grow or terminate services as you see fit.

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Standard is better

All our services are built upon leading standard technologies, so at anytime you can easily take back control of your resources. You stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

Cloud needs support

Technologies are becoming more powerful and complicated. Our VIP Support team takes care of all of  your IT needs while you stay focused on your business.
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Cloud must be simple

We are convinced that you don't need to be an educated IT expert to use our solutions, we build them easy-to-use for everybody, but sophisticated enough for high skilled users.